Our Mission: To provide comprehensive computer support to small businesses on the San Francisco Peninsula.

ComTego was founded to fill a market need. Small companies, from one-person consultancies run from home to professional offices and store-front businesses, rely on technology to be competitive. But small businesses can't afford full-time staff to keep computers, peripherals and networks up and running.

That's ComTego's job - to provide the kind of computer support that big companies expect from their on-site staff, but only when you need us and at a cost that makes sense for a business your size.

Starting out as a secretary for a defense firm in Sunnyvale, California, Carmel Weiler worked her way up into drafting (BY HAND for Pete's sake) until she could stand it no more and quit to find work where she could be trained in computer-aided design, which was just introducing itself to the world. Eager to learn, she took out a loan, bought a computer and printer, and trained herself, taking classes at night. It was love at first sight ... with computer technology.

She had several jobs as a CAD drafting/designer, quickly becoming more involved with networks and computers. One day, on a whim, she took a Saturday job working for a small company named 3Com, which was looking for people with computer skills to help transition the company to some new software programs worldwide. They saw her, they liked her, they hired her. The rest is history. More than 11 years have passed since Carmel Weiler entered the computer business. She has built computer departments from scratch in the process of working for several Silicon Valley firms, and has done the New Century fairy tale story "work-to-death-for-the-dot-com."

After surviving the usual Silicon Valley frenzy for dot-com companies, Carmel decided she'd been helping people with their computer problems for years, building knowledgeable customer service-oriented staffs everywhere she worked, so why not form a business around what she knew best? Which is exactly what she did. She created a company to provide computer support services to small businesses that need technical help every bit as much as large firms, but don't have the luxury of on-site support staff. And ComTego was born.

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